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Photography by Maleika Halpin - Eyes of Elsewhere

Throttle - The Farm

Bleach* Festival (2019)

Directed by Gavin Webber and Grayson Millwood

Sound Design - Luke Smiles

Sound Associate - Anna Whitaker

Throttle 1 Maleika Halpin - Eyes of Else
Throttle 5 - ArtWork Agency at Bleach_ T

Photography by ArtWork Agency at Bleach* The Gold Coast Festival

Throttle is a B-grade thriller viewed from within the safety of your own car. Lit by your headlights, heard through your car radio and seen through your windscreen, this is a live-action drive in with a difference, brought to you by Helpmann Award-winning Gold Coast Dance Theatre Company, The Farm.

A single pane of glass allows us to feel separated from the world outside. It absorbs road rage and shields us when we sing along to the car stereo, but what happens when we’re invaded in that bubble of safety?

Throttle 6 - ArtWork Agency at Bleach_ T
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